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Why Pin Cheng?

Our philosophy is based on trust relationships with our clients and suppliers. The services we offer provide added value to both through a transparency process that goes beyond simple buy-sell relationship. Our goal with our stakeholders is always to achieve a win -win. With us you will always have:

- Daily information updates about prices in Domestic Markets

-Permanent contact with our team for additional information 

-Payment guarantees  

- Contract 

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Pin Cheng is a Global fruit wholesale distributor.

Our company is headquartered in Shanghai and has it own import licence. 

Our sales channels allow us to distribute the  products from all over the world to customers of different profiles and from different regions of China.

Pin Cheng Team is composed of members of various nationalities with experience in markets of other continents, which brings a global vision that allows us to get closer to our suppliers.


Although our sales channels are varied, we have a team of specialist in direct contact with the Domestic Market, which allows us to provide almost daily information to our suppliers about the price evolution of their products. This useful tool facilitates full transparency and gives them the ability to check in first hand if the price is fair. 

In the way we understand business, we strongly believe that both sides should benefit. That is why our entire structure is focused on giving all guarantees to make of business what we think it should be: a win-win process  


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Updated information

Our team of experts is in direct contact with our markets providing updated information about the products and prices. With this information we offer an add value to our suppliers giving them affordable information in order to create a closer relationship based on trust and transparency.  


We guarantee deliver on time and accurately while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Our team of export professionals can help you achieve the challenging demands of doing business in your company.

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Customer Support

We want our customer to experience the highest degree of satisfaction with our products. For this we provide personalized and professional attention throughout the process. Our intention is always to make your life easier. You can trust that we will supply the products with the highest level of quality to the same extent that we offer customer service.

Consulting Service 

We help our clients to find the best way to set up a whole year plan. Offering different varieties and origins of fruits accordingly. We have a great expert team experience in e-commerce, juicing and wholesale business.



Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sat and Sun: Closed

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Contact Us 

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you as soon as possible


+86 180 1925 0916

Room 4058, Floor 4, No 999, Chang Ning Rd, Chang Ning District, Shanghai, China.

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